Testing Your Dosha

Testing Your Dosha

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In Ayurveda, there are 7 possible types of doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Vata-Pitta, Vata-Kapha, Pitta-Kapha and all doshas are balanced (Sama Prakriti). The dosha test, helps discover, the definition of one’s individual constitution is a key point in the Ayurvedic system of a healthy lifestyle and restoration of health. By knowing your individual constitution, you can choose the right methods of cleansing the body, weight correction, diet selection, medicines,health procedures, adjust lifestyle, prolong youth and much more.

There are three sections in the dosha test, one for each dosha. Fill out each section and add all the numbers into a total for each dosha.

Important: Evaluate the characteristics of your physical condition based on your current well-being. Descriptions of character, behavior, inclinations, emotionality and worldview about yourself and accumulated experience. Here and now in the dosha test is the motto that you should be guided by. Respond frankly and objectively. Evaluate who you really are, not who you would like to be. Otherwise, the information received will be unreliable.

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0 to 2 – Not applicable to me,

3 to 4 – Applicable sometimes or to some extent,

5 to 6 – Almost always applicable to me.

DOSHA TEST – Section 1. Vata Dosha.

  • By nature, I am very active, usually doing things quickly.
  • I learn quickly and forget quickly.
  • As a rule, I am enthusiastic and lively.
  • I have a lean physique.
  • I don’t gain weight easily.
  • I walk quickly and easily.
  • I tend to have a hard time making decisions.
  • I often have constipation.
  • I have a tendency that my hands and feet are cold.
  • I am often anxious and nervous.
  • Cold weather bothers me more than most people do.
  • I speak quickly and I am talkative.
  • By nature, I am emotional and my mood changes frequently.
  • Often my sleep is restless and disturbed.
  • My skin is dry, especially in winter.
  • I have an active, unstable mind, rich in imagination.
  • Energy comes to me in leaps and bounds.
  • I have a tendency to quickly spend or expend all the energy or money I have.
  • My eating and sleeping habits tend to be irregular.
  • I have a variable appetite.
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DOSHA TEST – Section 2. Pitta Dosha.

  • I usually act skillfully.
  • I have a tendency to be extremely accurate
  • I am energetic and partly have a strong, persuasive demeanor.
  • I feel uncomfortable or easily tired in hot weather.
  • I sweat easily.
  • Even though I may not always show it, I become irritable and angry quite easily.
  • If I skip a meal or there are delays with my food, then I feel discomfort.
  • One or more of the following qualities characterize my hair: early graying or baldness, sparse, thin, straight hair, blond, red or reddish hair.
  • I have a strong appetite.
  • I like to set goals and then try to achieve them.
  • I have very regular bowel movements. It is more typical for me that emptying occurs freely than that there is constipation.
  • I become impatient very easily.
  • I tend to perfect everything in detail.
  • It’s pretty easy to me make me angry, but then I quickly forget about it.
  • I really like cold food like ice cream and also cold drinks.
  • I’m more likely to feel that the room is too hot than that the room is too cold.
  • I can’t stand very hot or very spicy food.
  • I’m not as patient with objections as I should be.
  • I like the challenges that challenge me. When I want something, I am very determined in my efforts to achieve it.
  • I tend to be critical of both others and myself.

DOSHA TEST – Section 3. Kapha Dosha.

  • I do things in a slow, relaxed manner.
  • I gain weight easily and lose slowly.
  • By nature, I am silent and speak only when necessary.
  • I can easily skip a meal without significant inconvenience.
  • I have a tendency to excess mucus and sputum, chronic blockages, asthma, and sinus problems.
  • I need at least eight hours of sleep to feel comfortable the next day.
  • I sleep very deeply.
  • By nature I am peaceful; I’m not easily angry.
  • I don’t memorize as quickly as some, but I retain for a long time.
  • I eat slowly.
  • The cold and dampness bothers me.
  • My hair is thick, dark and wavy.
  • I have smooth, soft, somewhat pale skin.
  • I have a big, solid physique.
  • By nature, I am calm, peaceful.
  • I have weak digestion, because of which after eating I feel full.
  • I have good endurance, stamina and physical hardiness, as well as a stable energy level.
  • As a rule, I have a slow, measured gait.
  • I usually feel unsteady, unstable after sleep, and usually slowly part ways in the morning.
  • I usually do things slowly and methodically.

Final scoring for the dosha test: Vata ,Pitta, Kapha.

If one score is much higher than the rest, then that’s your predominant dosha. This dosha will be most obvious in your constitution if its amount is at least twice as high as the count of the next dosha. However, if any dosha is higher, it can also be accepted as the dominant dosha.

If the score for the two doshas is almost the same, then you have a body with two doshas. For example, Vata (76), Pitta (73) and Kapha (45), then you have a Vata-Pitta constitution.

If all amounts are the same, then you have a balanced constitution, which is rare. It is better to take the test again and answer more carefully.

If your condition changes all the time, for example, if you have constipation, then diarrhea, then, most likely, this is due to the excitation of Vata dosha.

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