Common Homeopathic Remedies

Common Homeopathic Remedies

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Its important to remember when considering treating yourself or a family member is that there is no general homeopathy for everyone with a specific disease or complaint. Any homeopathic medicine must be individualized to the person and his or her unique pattern of symptoms. Here we have listed some common complaints and the remedies that are most prescribed. However, you may need to consult a qualified homeopathic practitioner near you for better results .

Treating common cold

In homeopathy there’s no specific cure for the common cold, but there are homeopathic remedies, when individually prescribed, that can and will cure a person with a cold.

Aconitum (monkshood) is called a “homeopathic vitamin C” and is a good remedy for the very first stages of a cold, especially if it started after exposure to cold air or wind. The person tends to have an increased thirst, a dry mouth, and perhaps a dry cough, and may begin to feel restless.

Allium cepa (onion) is a leading remedy for a person with a typical cold and who has a clear, watery nasal discharge that may burn and irritate the nostrils. Generally, the nasal discharge is worse in warm rooms and alleviated in the open air.

PuhatiUa is a remedy for children with an acute or chronic cold and who have a yellow or greenish nasal discharge that is worse at night and in warm rooms. Despite having a dry mouth, such children tend to be without thirst.

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Arsenicum (arsenic) is a remedy for people who get chilled very easily and who experience a burning nasal discharge. These people tend to be thirsty but prefer only sips of water at a time.

Kali bkhromiatm (potassium bichromate) is a remedy for people with a stringy nasal discharge that is usually yellow. This is the type of cold that may later become sinusitis.

Treating Influenza

Oscillococcinum (duck liver and heart) is the best remedy for the flu, as long as you use it within the first forty-eight hours of the onset of symptoms. If you do not or cannot treat within the first forty-eight hours or if any of the remedies below describe the symptoms of the sick person, consider the following remedies:

Gehemium (yellow jessamine) is a remedy for people with the flu who feel exhausted. These people have difficulty getting out of bed. Their arms and legs, in particular, feel tired, and their eyes droop. They may experience a headache in the back of their head, and they usually are not very thirsty.

Bryonia (wild hops) is indicated when people have musculoskeletal pains that are exacerbated by any type of motion. These people hate warm rooms and prefer to have cool air around them. They have a dry mouth and a great thirst. They may have a headache in the back of the head, and they tend to be very irritable and want to be left alone.

Eupatorium perfoliatum (boneset) is a remedy for people with the flu who experience pain in their bones. They may also experience chills, especially in the morning.

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Treating Arthritis

One of the most common remedies for various types of arthritis is Rhus toxkodmdron (poison ivy). It is indicated when a persons joint pains are made worse by initial motion and in cold or wet weather and are relieved by continued motion. Also, the person who needs this remedy tends to become quite stiff during rest times.

When any type of motion aggravates a persons joint pains, consider using Bryonia (wild hops). People who respond to Bryonia tend to get relief when direct pressure is placed on the painful area. These people also tend to have a dry mouth, great thirst, and a tendency toward constipation.

Apis (crushed bee) is useful if a persons joints become swollen and painful in warm weather and are relieved by cold applications.

Treating Indigestion

Arsenkum (arsenic) is a leading remedy for indigestion when there are burning pains in the stomach or rectum, a great thirst but for only sips at a time (usually of warm drinks), chilliness with an aggravation from exposure to cold, a general restlessness, great exhaustion, and anxiety about one’s health.
People who respond to this remedy experience an aggravation of their symptoms at midnight and afterward. These people tend to vomit soon after eating or drinking, especially cold things.

Arsenicum is a leading remedy for indigestion from food poisoning.

Pulsatilla (windflower) commonly administered to children and women, is known to alleviate indigestion or heartburn after eating fatty foods (such as ice cream and fried food) or pork, a lack of thirst, an aversion to stuffy rooms, and a desire for open air.

Ipecacuanha (ipecac root) is a leading remedy for nausea and vomiting, especially when the nausea is persistent, even after vomiting. Other characteristic symptoms include a lack of thirst, nausea from the simple smell of food, increased salivation, and an uncoated tongue.

Nux vomica (poison nut) may alleviate digestive problems that start after overeating and/or overconsumption of alcohol, coffee, or drugs.

Lycopodium (club moss) is a leading remedy for people who experience bloating, gas, and belching. People who need this medicine have an abdomen that is sensitive to any pressure, whether from a belt or elastic waistband.

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