How homeopathic medicines are made?

How homeopathic medicines are made?

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Almost any type of material sourced from plants, animals or mineral based are regularly used in homeopathy to craft homeopathic medicines. Some example derived from plants include onion (Allium cepa), ipecac root (Ipecacuahna), and poison ivy (Rhus toxicodendron). Certain homeopathic medicines from minerals include calcium (Calcarea carbonate), arsenic (Arsenicum), and salt (Natrum muriaticum). Animal based homeopathic medicine can be made from bee venom (Apis mellifica), rattlesnake venom (Crotalus horridus), and dog’s milk (Lac caninum).

Note: Homeopathic medicines are known by their Latin name, for precision in describing the specific species in use for making the medicine.

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You might wonder why snake venom and arsenic may be useful in homeopathic remedies?

It is not uncommon, that various strange and even poisonous substances are used in homeopathy because they have been found to cause a pattern of symptoms similar to what sick people experience. Therefore, by taking small, specially prepared doses of these substances, one can eliminate their toxic effects while maintaining their healing benefits. _Homeopaths use such small doses of these substances that renders homeopathic medicines inherently safe._

Homeopathic Provings

Homeopathic “proving” is an experimentation for discovering what substance causes overdose and thus can also cure.

Say, while chopping an onion, your eyes tear up, and you might experience a watery, burning eyes and nose. These symptoms are made worse at warm temperatures, reduced in a cool place. Accordingly, homeopathic doses of onion (Allium cepa) are used to treat people with a cold or allergies if they exhibit similar symptoms.

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Homeopathic Potentization

The specific process of making Homeopathic medicines is called “potentization.”

  1. In this process the tincture of the plant is extracted, through distillation with alcohol.
  2. This solution then undergoes massive dilution with one part of the tincture with nine or ninety-nine parts of a double-distilled purified water.
  3. This derivative solution is vigorously shaken (or “succussed”)
  4. Then the processes of dilution and succussion are repeated numerous times.
    Mostly, a homeopathic medicine is potentized three, six, twelve, thirty, two hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, fifty thousand, one hundred thousand times, or more.

With minerals, they are grounded with lactose. Initially, one part of the mineral substance is ground together with nine or ninety-nine parts of lactose. Each substance is diluted and then again grounded up to thirty times, and then it is dissolved into a double-distilled water, at which time it is potentized in a process similar to that stated above.

Single or Multiple Ingredient Homeopathic Medicines

Classical homeopathy uses single-ingredient remedies and has been practiced for more than two hundred years. However, many homeopathic manufacturers create formulas that are combinations of various homeopathic ingredients. Although these formulas are not individually prescribed, they are often effective at least in providing temporary relief

In general, individually chosen remedies tend to work better; however, it should be acknowledged that such individually chosen remedies only work better if the person prescribing them was adequately educated in finding the correct remedy. Most laypeople are not trained in homeopathy, so homeopathic formulas provide a “user-friendly” way for people to use these natural medicines.

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