Popular QA on HomeoPathy - Part 1

Popular QA on HomeoPathy - Part 1

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Homeopathy is sometimes considered the same as herbal medicine. What are their similarities and differences?

Herbal medicine is just herbal medicine. About two-thirds of homeopathic medicines are also made from medicinal substances of plant origin. But, perhaps, this is where the similarities between herbal medicine and homeopathy end. Much differences exist between them, which are apparent in opposite approaches to the treatment process.

Herbal medicine uses a popular approach to treatment, which fits into the usual “disease specific-medicine” scheme. In homeopathy, the medicine is selected, on the one hand, according to the principle of similarity, on the other hand, according to the individual characteristics of the patient. This allows customization of the treatment regimen and treat not just the disease, but the patient according to it.

What is the main difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine?

The goal of traditional medicine is to find similarities between the diseases of patients and then apply a unified treatment of this disease. When applying homeopathy, its practitioners look for the differences that make a person unique in order to cure a patient. In reality, homeopathy is simple. It considers a person as a whole, which is affected by the disease, and it is the person as a whole who reacts to drugs.

To assess the effects of a disease or drug on a person as a whole, you only need look at the symptoms, This is the secret of understanding the difference between homeopathy and traditional medicine.

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For example, every person with asthma has many symptoms that are not related to the disease. Shortness of breath can be caused in one person by fresh air, but in another person, on the contrary, it can relieve shortness of breath. Someone may feel thirsty for cold water, another may not have it at all. Someone sweats a lot, someone is completely dry. One feels worse after midnight and the other in the morning. Someone is irritable, someone is whiny.

The fact is that people react as a single whole, as a single organism to the effects of the disease, This reaction shows itself throughout the person in forems of various signs and symptoms. In homeopathy, all symptoms taken together represent the patient’s symptoms.

Conventional medicine does not take into account the integrity of the patient’s symptoms because it does not have the means to use this information. There is no need for any other symptoms when you are treating only the disease.

If an individual approach is so important in homeopathy, does it not contradict the use of complex homeopathic preparations that can be used without first consulting a doctor?

Perhaps, in homeopathy, as nowhere else, a lot depends on the doctor, his knowledge and intuition, the ability to understand the patient. But, as with any good doctor, it is sometimes very difficult to get an appointment with a good homeopath. In addition, not in every locality you can find a specialist of this profile. In this case, everyone can apply homeopathic treatments with the help of complex homeopathic preparations.

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These formulations are popular all over the world as a kind of a bridge between allopathy and homeopathy. The composition of homeopathic complexes includes several medicinal substances together, so they differ in a fairly wide spectrum of healing action. Homeopathic complex preparations are dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription. Due to the fact that detailed annotations are attached to each of them, each person will be able to independently choose the most suitable drug for himself.

Homeopathic complex preparations make it possible to quickly cope with temporary malaise. Given their absolute lack of side effects, you need not fear for the consequences of such self-medication. In the best cases, homeopathic complex preparations purchased at your discretion will help you cope with the painful condition, at worst, they will have no effect on the body.

What diseases can be treated with homeopathy?

Homeopathy treats the patient, not the disease, healing the entire body. Thus, there is practically no such disease in which homeopathic treatment would not work. The result of the treatment of any disease largely depends on the healing and regeneration capabilities of the body. The task of homeopathy is to discover and use these opportunities, to awaken healthy forces in the body. A similar approach is applicable to the treatment of any disease.

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