Popular QA on HomeoPathy - Part 2

Popular QA on HomeoPathy - Part 2

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Is it right to use the homeopathic method of treatment as the main course in the treatment of serious diseases?

It all depends on the condition of the patient. Sometimes homeopathy can be the main method of treatment, sometimes only additional. Most often, patients with chronic diseases turn to homeopathy, who have no hope for recovery. In most cases, the body of such a patient is not strong enough to endure massive doses of chemical preparations, but responds well to the lightest healing impulse of homeopathic medicine, and the disease gradually recedes.

Generally speaking, what is the average period of homeopathic treatment?

Homeopathic medicines are able to act very quickly, which allows them to be used to treat acute conditions in cases such as fever, cholera, renal colic, sudden heart rhythm disturbance. In the treatment of chronic diseases, the patient can expect a gradual recovery within a few weeks, or even months.

How long does it take for me to notice a change in my chronic illness?

Most patients notice a change after 1-4 weeks.

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What will I note first?

The first change is often a surge of energy and improved mood. Since natural healing comes from within, before physical changes, there is usually a sense of satisfaction and improved sleep. Sometimes, people around you may notice these subtle changes earlier than you do. At times you feel extra sleepy like you need to rest to recuperate. Consider that as a good sign.

Is it true that some people don’t notice anything at all?

Yes. you might hear a patient state the following: - "The medicine did not work."

  • But if you ask - how do you feel?
  • The patient replies, "Nothing bothers me, it’s all gone."
  • But If nothing pains or bothers, then why say that the drug did not work?
  • The patient retors, "Well, it seems that everything went away by itself, that’s all."

Well! No one can say for sure whether the homeopathic remedy helped this person or whether the fact that he/she “felt good” is a coincidence. But that’s exactly what happens "when you recover naturally, you just feel good."

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Sometimes in the initial stages of homeopathic treatment, the patient’s condition worsens. Does this mean that the patient should cease taking homeopathic medicines?

In no case should you panic. Often, an exacerbation of the disease is a sign that the body, having reacted correctly to a homeopathic medicine, has begun to fight the disease. Perhaps this will require additional recommendations of a homeopathic doctor on the dosage, the sequence of taking the drugs, the time of their administration, as well as the use of other therapeutic effects: massage, hydrotherapy, diet therapy etc.

What diet should I follow when taking homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic treatment does not require strict dietary restrictions. However, it is desirable to replace spices and spicy seasonings with low-fat chicken broth or soup with rice, pearl barley, oatmeal; fatty pork, sausages and pate - for young lamb, fish, chickens; sour fruits to sweet ones; cocoa coffee; strong beer for light; vodka for dessert wines and champagne. It is useful to switch to healthy nutritional diet and quit smoking.

Is it safe to give homeopathic remedies to children?

Homeopathy is safe for all ages, from newborns to the elderly. Children respond well to homeopathic remedies.

Can homeopathic remedies be used in childbirth?

Homeopathy is safe when used during childbirth. Many obstetricians and doctors around the world use homeopathic remedies exclusively, with great success in the treatment of various problems associated with childbirth. Problems with gluteal presentation are solved, premature contractions are stopped; disorders such as nausea during pregnancy, as well as many other abnormalities in pregnant women are treated with homeopathy.

Can I use homeopathy alongwith treatment with traditional medicines?

This is something you should discuss with your homeopath and your usual doctor. The answer may be different at different times and for different disease conditions. However, it is generally possible to start homeopathic treatment while you are still taking (usual) medications. In some cases, after homeopathic treatment, you may no longer need other medicines or you may be able to take a lower dose.

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BeingSwasth makes it easier to discover and consult with a homeopathic doctor near me specializing in natural healing therapies for common ailments of mind and body. General Disclaimer: Consult a qualified physician before starting any treatment. Any ongoing medications should be continued.

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