Treating Yourself With Homeopathy

Treating Yourself With Homeopathy

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Its possible to self treat common ailments with Homeopathy such as headaches, allergies, sinusitis, influenzas, sore throats, respiratory infections, teething, colic, ear infections, indigestion, bladder infections, P.M.S., vaginitis, arthritis, sprains and strains, cuts, burns, head injuries, and many other conditions.
Note: There exist extreme cases of any of these conditions that may constitute a medical emergency for which medical care, not self-treatment, is advised.

As far as homeopathic medicine is concerned, customizing and not generalizing a remedy to your unique pattern of symptoms, gets the best results.

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Homeopathic Potency

Generally, it is best to use the 6th, 12th, or 30th potency (written 6X, 6C, 12X, 12C, 30X, or 30C). More certain you are that you are using the correct remedy, the higher potency you should use. As you become more knowledgeable , you may consider doing higher potencies, including the 200th and 1,000th (written 1M).

Homeopathic Dosage

Dosage of homeopathic medicine depends on the condition and its severity. If the symptoms are severe, then you may repeat a remedy at a higher frequency. For instance, if experiencing intense pain, consider taking it every thirty minutes or every two hours. If the pain is mild then, taking it every four hours or just three times a day, should suffice.

You may stop taking the remedy if:

  • symptoms are significantly reduced;
  • no improvement is observed after forty-eight hours;
  • symptoms disappear and reappear repeatedly.
  • new symptoms develop that are worse;
  • any medical emergency occurs.

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Minding the symptoms

Selecting the correct homeopathic medicine, require special attention to symptoms, especially when:

  • they are intense
  • they are unique
  • they affect the whole or a large part of the body
  • cause emotional or mental distress

Quite specifically, Homeopaths define a symptom as:

  • anything that limits or reduces movement
  • anything that reduces or increases any pain
  • any deviation from what you consider normal

Taking Homeopathic and Conventional medicines Together

Conventional medicine work primarily on the biological level, while homeopathic medicines work on the energy and systemic levels. Because these two different families of medicines are working world apart although on the same body, they are not necessarily interfering.

Regardless, some conventional medicines are so strong that they suppress the immune system, thereby inhibiting the homeopathic medicine. In such situations you must decide to use the conventional or homeopathic medicine. Conventional drugs also tend to suppress or mask a person’s symptoms, sometimes making it more difficult to find the correct homeopathic medicine.

What might interfere with homeopathic medicines?

  • Drinking coffee, applying camphor (Tiger Balm) or mentholated products (such as Bengay), or experiencing certain dental procedures (tooth drilling) can neutralize the action of a homeopathic remedy.
  • Its best to store homeopathic medicines or a homeopathic medicine kit away from strong odors, direct light, or excessive heat.
  • It is also best to keep a homeopathic medicine in its original container and not transfer it to another container, unless this new one has been sterilized.

Why search in for a homeopathic doctor near me?

BeingSwasth makes it easier to discover and consult with a homeopathic doctor near me specializing in natural healing therapies for common ailments of mind and body. General Disclaimer: Consult a qualified physician before starting any treatment. Any ongoing medications should be continued.

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