Creating your personal Meditation Space

Creating your personal Meditation Space

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A lot of people are taking up meditation these days to keep themselves in peak health and shielded away from the stress points of modern life. Meditation is also a form of exercise and most people who practice it prefer their very own private meditation room.

Meditation rooms don’t have to be strictly a room rather a quiet space in someone’s home where they can be in total isolation to be able to think, relax, and meditate. Having a private meditation room, is not just for meditation. In-fact, you can utilize the meditation room as a place to just sit back and chill to breathe freely and gather your thoughts.

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Choosing the right spot for your Meditation Room

Silence and isolation are the key requirements that a meditation room must meet. So irrespective of the size of your home, it is possible to have a meditation room where you can have a bit of peace and quiet. You can setup your meditation room in the bedroom or any corner that can be creatively partitioned so you would not be bothered while meditating.

Content of a Meditation Room

A meditation room doesn’t require much. At most you need a mat or a comfortable chair to curl your legs in or even a cushion to sit on will do just fine…

Meditation Music

A music player, can be useful especially for beginners to get into the mood. It helps a lot to meditate while listening to soft, instrumental music. Or perhaps to recorded natural sounds like the singing of the birds, the sound of the waves, and the sound of falling rain.

Meditation Lighting

The lighting in your meditation room affects how well you focus and concentrate in clearing your mind. The lighting to install in your meditation room should be soft and subtle. Avoid bright glowing fluorescent bulbs when you’re lighting your meditation room.

Meditation Decor

You need not decorate the walls of your meditation room. Or at most paint the walls with a neutral color. Reason being, you want to avoid anything that can distract you from meditation inside your meditation room. Additionally, you can place and light some scented candles or a vase of flowers. A potted plant can help set the mood as well. These are all the decorations you would need for your meditation room.

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Tidying up the Meditation Room

No matter how busy you may be with your daily life, always find the time to keep your meditation room clean and free of clutter. Cleaning your meditation room is meditation in itself. After all, the reason you have a meditation room is to keep your mind clear and calm. To achieve that, you have to keep your meditation room clean and tidy as well.

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