Habits of happy people - Part 1

Habits of happy people - Part 1

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  1. Happy People surround themselves with happy people. Joy is contagious. Research has shown that those who are surrounded by happy people “are more likely to be happy in the future.” That’s reason enough to rid yourself of dull friends and keep cheerful ones close.

  2. Smile! Even if you don’t feel cheerful, think about something good and smile. It helps. But it’s important not to pretend. If you smile and think of worse things, then it will only get worst!

  3. Develop the ability to be mentally resilient. Happy people know how to recover from a shock. It is a kind of a tool against the inevitable adversities that happen in the life of every person. A Japanese proverb says, “Fall seven times, get up eighth time!”

  4. Celebrate just not important achievements that have been long and difficult ,but also pay attention to small victories. When we take the time to notice even small things going well for us, we get an emotional booster that allows us to feel better during the day.

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  1. Appreciate simple pleasures. Eat ice cream on a bench in the park, rub the dog behind the ear, feel, see the rainbow. Happy people really appreciate such things that do not cost anyone anything at all and happen on their own. Finding happiness in little things and being grateful for everything you have is directly related to the feeling of joy.

  2. Devote part of your time to give back to society. Even though there are only 24 hours in a day, positive-minded people spend part of their time doing good, which will certainly payback, and bring something good in their lives.

Volunteer work or just selfless good deeds have a great effect on both mental and physical health. And such people fall into depression less often. Interestingly, psychologists term it as “a high of the helper.” They compare it with euphoria from drugs, because good deeds are a trigger for the production of dopamine.

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  1. Don’t be so up-tight. Allow yourselves to lose a sense of time. When you’re immersed in something damn challenging, inspiring, and meaningful, you’re experiencing something magical and creative. Happy people are subconsciously looking for some activity that will require certain skills, become a challenge, will motivate them and has clear goals. Allow yourself to be passionately “carried away” , which causes a sense of success.

  2. Prefer genuine and meaningful communication to lightweight chitchat. There’s nothing wrong with a light conversation with someone, but sitting down for a long conversation on a serious topics is a great practice for feeling joyful and alive. And it’s more satisfying than just a blah blah blah. One of the top five regrets of dying people is, “I wish I had more courage to talk about my feelings.” A sentimental thing that actually shows that we talk more about the weather than about what makes our hearts overflow.

  3. Be generous. Spend money on others. Money can buy happiness. But only if you spend them not only on yourself, but also on other people. Giving is better than taking.

  4. Learn how to listen. When you listen, you open up to new knowledge. When you speak, you block new ideas. In addition, by listening, you show people self-confidence and respect for them. And people can not remain indifferent to this, they develop positive feelings for you, which makes you even a little happier. Listening is a skill that strengthens relationships.

  5. Keep in touch. Writing a message, calling, or posting something on social media is fast. But flying across the country to see a dear friend is much better. Everyone needs a sense of belonging to others , and for this you need to communicate with friends. And not just online. Social networks do not touch a person at a personal level, and that is very important for happiness.

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