Habits of happy people - Part 2

Habits of happy people - Part 2

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  1. Happy people always see the good side of things! Optimism has a great effect on your health lessens stress, which means fewer heart problems and better pain tolerance. Since by choosing to intentionally search for the good in everything that happens, you choose to be healthy and happy.

The defining characteristic of pessimists is that they believe that bad things will last a long time, destroy everything they have achieved, and through their own fault. Optimists who face exactly the same difficulties of this world think of bad luck in the opposite way. They believe that defeat is temporary, that it is not their fault: circumstances, bad luck or other people. Such people are not discouraged by defeats. Surrounded by trouble, they see it as a challenge and just try harder.

  1. Learn to appreciate good music. There’s real power in music. But choosing the right music is an important factor. A cheerful or sad song can affect our perception of the world. In one study, people were asked to determine from photographs whether the people depicted in them were happy or sad. In most cases, their response was determined by the mood of the music that the subjects listened to at that moment. This means that you need to try to listen to more joyful music.

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3 Once in a while, take a break! Disconnect from the world! Drop off the grid! Technology, news and an abundance of information will not disappear if you just step away from the computer. If do not take your phone with you or turn off your phone for a while. Digital detoxification gives your brains a chance to recharge and rest.

  1. Become engaged in spiritual practices. Expressing gratitude, sympathy, and showing mercy is an important part of almost any religion. Posing “big questions” gives our lives context and meaning. A study was conducted that showed that children who believed that they had a higher purpose in life were happier than their peers who lived just like that, without a mission and carefree! And it’s not just about religion, of course, but about any spiritual practices. Whether it’s meditation, prayer or just a time for reflection on an ongoing basis. Daily, weekly, monthly— it doesn’t matter. The main thing is to have such an anchor that orders life, makes it spiritually richer and gives us a respite from the eternal rigmarole of daily routine.

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  1. Exercise! Physical activity gives a person endorphins. Endorphins make a person happy. Training alleviates the symptoms of depression, anxiety, depression, thanks to the chemical reactions in the brain. Plus, training gives us the opportunity to appreciate our body and love it, and this is very important for a good mood.

  2. Go for walks! Nature is the fuel for the soul. Even a twenty-minute walk in the fresh air has a good effect on our well-being. When we feel sluggish, we pour ourselves coffee, but it would be better to just take a walk and recharge from nature.

  3. Laugh! You’ve heard it countless times: Laughter is the best medicine. Laughter provokes the production of the right hormones in the brain, which allow us to feel happier, reduce sensitivity to pain and stress. And, by the way, it’s better to laugh on a regular basis. It is believed that the brain responds to regular laughter in the same way that the body reacts to regular exercise.

  4. Walk confidently in a wide and firm stance. And that’s not a metaphor. In happy people, the gait is freer, more relaxed, and the steps are wider. And this triggers a chain reaction. The freer we walk, the happier we are, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. Try to walk in small shuffling steps, staring at your feet. Feeling happy? That’s it.

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