A Simple Guide to deal with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

A Simple Guide to deal with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Panic and Anxiety attacks can largely shape how you look at your life now, your future and your career. While you may feel that you’re in control of your panic and anxiety, but it’s always useful to really understand these mental health issues. So as to keep a check and get timely help before things become really worse.

The first thing to understand here is that while panic attacks and anxiety, might seem alike but they are both quite different in nature.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety strikes as a numbing sense of worry or unease about an event or situation, often imagined and without any solid basis. Later, it might even feel stupid to you or those around you, but during the time of its attack, anxiety more or less controls you. Things that trigger anxiety in an individual need not be extraordinary, and in fact are surprisingly often routine events.

What are Panic Attacks?

Anxiety when left unaddressed often escalates into Panic attacks. However, in some instances panic attacks could be triggered by any number of factors. As a direct relation, the more panic attacks you suffer from, the bigger your anxiety grows.

Is there a good or bad anxiety?

Anxiety to some degree is a normal response to a stress situation. It makes a person alert and responsive but passes with time. In fact, overtime faced with the same situation a person becomes less or non-anxious and even careless or inattentive. We don’t want that

The best way thus to deal with anxiety is to learn how to better manage it rather than getting rid of it entirely and turning into a fearless, unemotional, insensitive beast of a person.

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Reduce stress to better manage anxiety

We can change that way that we react to anxiety by reducing exposure to the following stress situations:

Stress Closer at home

We all know people in our family or social circle that are needy, demanding and drama centric, always looking for an opportunity to make our lives a living hell. You will need to be firm with these people and not becoming a slave of the situations they create. Simply learn to say NO when you don’t feel comfortable with their asks.

Workplace stress

Stress at work follows you home. Deadlines, annoying coworkers, bully bosses can really wear you down and cause anxiety and panic attacks, if unaddressed over time.

Brainstorm Work Challenges

Record and Analyze whatever make you anxious at work, be it deadlines, processes or workload and try to figure out a strategy that does work for you.

Master the Clock

Getting organized and effectively managing your time and tasks will cut your work-related anxieties by over 90%


Take a break when you start feeling anxious. Go for a walk or meditate in a quiet place over what the situation is really and if there’s anything you can do to fix it, or even who can help you with it.

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Simple Tips to Fight Anxiety & Panic

Here are some time-tested tips that may help you to reduce the footprint of anxiety and panic attacks in your life.

  • Acceptance: Understand that there are situations, events and people between heaven and earth that you simply cannot control
  • Be Positive: Try to maintain a positive attitude – always clinging to negative thoughts does you no good
  • Break Off: When it becomes too much to handle, don’t let stress control. Take a break and walk away to refresh your mind
  • Solid Time Management: Plan things to ensure you can execute the tasks set out for you in a timely yet stress free manner.
  • Get a Hobby: Do stuff, anything that makes you happy.
  • Exercise the Mind: Dedicate some time in your daily routine towards deep breathing or yoga exercises.
  • Exercise the Body: Go for walks, runs or indulge in other forms of exercise; to clear your mind and give your body fitness to take on anything.
  • Say No to Alcohol and Drugs
  • Rest Adequately between work schedules
  • Remember that you can rely on family and friends for support and advice

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