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What are Orthopedic insoles

What are Orthopedic insoles

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Unlike conventional shoe liners, orthopedic insoles are designed to fix the foot in a certain position. Therapeutic insoles solve several problems, or the disease of the feet is stopped, by preventing or reducing pain and discomfort when walking, or when there are foot defects. Depending on the purpose, orthopedic insoles differ from each other in the principle of operation, design, shape, size, material.

If you walk a lot, you have flat feet, heels, run a lot, then you just need orthopedic insoles. Products with a therapeutic effect are prescribed to patients with different leg lengths or suffering from:

  • flat feet of any kind;
  • deformation of the foot, including the deformation of “bones”
  • heel spur;
  • clubfoot;

What effect do orthopedic insoles have on the feet and the body as a whole?

  • relieve fatigue and pain in the legs;
  • reduce the shock load on the joints of the feet, knee, hip joints and spine;
  • soft support of the longitudinal and transverse arch of the foot;
  • unloading of the anterior part of the foot;
  • creation of an optimal microclimate in shoes.

When to use:

  • prevention and treatment of longitudinal, transverse and combined flat feet.
  • prevention of foot deformity during physical exertion.

When buying this product, it is necessary to pay attention to some of the nuances:

  • insoles, for example, may not fit the size;
  • it is harmful to use orthopedic insoles with shoes that: a narrow nose (orthopedic insoles are made with an extended nose so as not to specifically narrow the fingers, contributing to the development of deformity); there is no fixation of the heel (the insole will fly out and slide out);
  • independently decide which insoles to buy for preventive purposes. For wearing for a longer time, you need to know the diagnosis and consult a doctor;
  • when choosing insoles, you cannot be guided solely by the price, since you can buy a low-quality product. Savings in this case can result in the fact that instead of the expected positive effect from wearing, the opposite will be obtained.

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