Effective Pranic Healing Diet Therapy

Effective Pranic Healing Diet Therapy

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Prana Diet or Prana Foods are an easy key to a long life, spiritual enlightenment and vitality. Fasting is central to Prana Healing. Typically, meals rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibers and fats enable longer durations of time fasting (on just water).

It’s useful to note here that, one can easily fast all day every day for the entire day and generally only need one whole, complete meal a day, as long as it is whole and complete. Instead of starving, properly feeding the body is the very essence of the prana healing diet

Role of Fasting in Panic Healing Diet

Daily fasting helps one to dive in the living ocean of prana around us. Certain rare people may survive long periods of fasting, going without even water. That’s literally "living on light" and not on regular physical nourishment at all but drawing purely the vital energy of prana from nature.

However, a similar feat can be accomplished by even an average person through proper prana healing foods or diet that consists entirely of substances that are tuned to absorb quantum or cosmic energy from nature and the universe. This effect becomes noticeable, whenever consumption of the aforementioned diet eaten, generates an enormous rush of energy throughout the body. Although, opposite of a shock, it feels blissful or ecstatic, as all the tension in the body dissipates and nothing but a sense of spiritual calm.  Going forward, it becomes easier to live without as much food as one used to feel was required. 

Ideal Pranic Healing Diet

A Pranic Diet detoxifies with antioxidants, and high pH mineral content water such as ionized water, Microhydrin (silica hydride), dolomite and a small amount of sea salt between meals to help cleanse the body. Although, the diet is high in fat but it must not contain any fried fats or oils of any kind.

Other foods in this diet include all the raw vegetables, raw fruits and raw juices and some whole grains such as brown rice and raw oats.

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What to avoid in Pranic Healing Diet?

Snacking must be completely avoided, because it leads to tooth decay, digestion problems, food addictions, and is in fact the complete opposite of natural ‘Prana’ or Pranic nourishment. Similarly, eating Red Meat is to be avoided.

In addition, any type bread, crackers, doughnuts, or pizza as well as beverages such as coffee, beer, pasteurized milk, and any form of soda or soft drink are a strict no for a Pranic Healing Diet. Since these are Highly addictive, and acid-forming or acidic, leading to the gradual (life-long) loss of vital minerals from teeth, bones and other parts of the body.

Needless, to say, all forms of junk food, smoking, and especially drug abuse, should be immediately given up for any Pranic Healing to be effective.

‘Prana’ Rich Natural Food Supplements

  • Herbal teas
  • Aaptogenic herbs
  • All antioxidants
  • Mineral supplements
  • Special berries: such as the goji berry from Asia, the acai berry from the Amazon and the common blueberry and blackberries.

These Pranic Healing Boosters will release huge quantities of electron donor molecules and/or high pH minerals and other substances such as silica hydride to constantly keep all cell destroying free-radicals at bay thereby stopping or even reversing the aging process while filling the mind, body and spirit with an immense sense of happiness and well-being.

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BeingSwasth makes it easier to discover and consult with a pranic healing centre near me specializing in natural healing therapies for common ailments of mind and body. General Disclaimer: Consult a qualified physician before starting any treatment. Any ongoing medications should be continued.

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