Reasons To Practice Hatha Yoga Asanas

Reasons To Practice Hatha Yoga Asanas

Hatha yoga asanas are practised to increase your body’s abilities in many different ways. People of any age can perform them. There are several benefits of hatha yoga asanas such as mental health, good digestion, relaxation of the tensed muscles and more. Hatha yoga asanas can help you achieve optimum fitness level and maintain it over a long period of time.

Hatha yoga asanas improve balance

The purpose of all hatha yoga asanas is to release tension and negative energy from every muscle of the body. The asanas help in restoring positive energy in your body and achieve balance. They improve the coordination between your muscles and are designed to build resistance. Thus your body’s overall strength increases as you perform them regularly.

They are beneficial during pregnancy

Pregnant women can relieve their back pain by practising hatha yoga asanas. They help in dealing with stress, mood swings and can also help prepare the body for easy and shorter labour. However, it is important that you consult your doctor before practising hath yoga asanas. Depending upon your medical condition some asanas may not be suitable for you.

They improve overall body functioning

Several hatha yoga asanas will require you to maintain a straight back. This will improve your posture consequently. Stretching your muscles to release tension is an important part of hath yoga asanas. Thus your body will become more flexible. Various injuries can be prevented if your body is flexible, particularly if you are a sportsperson.

In hatha yoga asanas, you are required to control breathing so that you can connect with yourself. This, in turn, helps with breathing disorders and also improves blood circulation in the body. A good amount of oxygen supply to the brain ensures that you can perform your tasks optimally.

All these benefits will follow only if you have learnt to practice hatha yoga asanas without exerting your body. AyurYoga Eco-Ashram in Mysore is one of the best centres to learn hatha yoga in India. You can begin your journey to fitness with Ayuryoga’s

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