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Our Plaster Casting at Home service provides limb and body casts to assist with the healing of broken bones. The Plaster Casting Service at home works closely with the orthopedic and trauma service and accident and emergency. Patients are referred to the service by a medical practitioner or a consultant.So just call us or fill up the contact form below to get a physiotherapist appointment at Home

We as a team, treat patients with care and promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere, encouraging family members to be around relatives at home.
We have made your health our mission and are commited as a quality provider of X-Ray home visits in the healthcare industry. We work together with the best and most competent X-Ray technicians, who are also available for online and home consultations. We are available for you around the clock, 24/7, so you can rely on us even on holidays and weekends.


What Our Patients Say

Abhay Kushwaha

Nashik, India

Consulted for Joint and Muscle Problems. Satisfied with treatment. Thank you very much.

Abhay Nath Shukla

Faridabad, India

Consulted for Frozen Shoulder Treatment. Satisfied with treatment, seeing improvements

Abhilasha Amravanshi

Varanasi, India

Cured my dad's Hip joint Pain which he was suffering from since last year. Now he is feeling much better.

Aditi sinha

Aurangabad, India

Consulted for Ligament and Tendon Repair. Amazing orthopedic surgeons.