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Refund Policy


Cancellations and Refunds will be processed on case to case basis at the sole discretion of BeingSwasth within 7-10 working days from date of approval.

  • The type of service to be provided via BeingSwasth through a doctor with a speciality(s) is chosen by you (the patient/subscriber). You alone are responsible on choosing these correctly. Wrong choices of provider, wrong choice of specialty or type of services do not attract any refund.
  • There are potential risks to the use of this technology, including but not limited to interruptions, poor connections, and technical difficulties. The quality of connections depend on your internet service provider, connection via a third party and hence BeingSwasth site is not responsible for such difficulties and will not qualify for Refund.
  • No guarantees or assurances are made about the results of this service. You will not be able to claim any refund based on satisfaction or personal opinion about the quality of care provided. However, you will be able to reflect this on your review about the healthcare provider.
  • Concluded services from BeingSwasth are not refundable.
  • At any time, BeingSwasth reserves the right to refuse a refund; if we believe that you have received a service from our platform.
  • If you are not entirely satisfied with service from BeingSwasth you can contact our customer services to discuss your concerns. We will review your request and respond within two to ten working days.
  • Refunds, if approved by BeingSwasth will only be paid via Bank Transfer (no cash and no cheques). We will not issue any refunds unless customers provide their correct Bank account or credit card details. Refund can take up to twenty one working days to be credited back.