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How Diet Therapy Works

The influence of diet on certain diseases is now well known. It is therefore essential to include diet therapy in the overall treatment or prevention of any disease

The diet therapy at Beingswasth begins with the initial online session of the patient, when the dietitian recommends a diet that meets the well-being of the patient. The focus is on a needs-based and balanced diet in order to strive for long-term health.

Together with you, our dietitian uncovers lifestyle mistakes and give you the knowledge to gradually and permanently change your attitude towards and your behavior when eating and drinking. Clear statements, simple recommendations and decision-making aids for orientation in the diverse food offer help to prevent and treat issues caused due to poor diet.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Ayurveda Treatments

Beingswasth offers the convenience of connecting with a DIETIAN practitioner from anywhere, even the comfort of your home through desktop or mobile. Payments are fully secured and online. Prescriptions will be delivered on email making it an effortless and seamless process.

1. Select the Treatment System.

2. Just click on the “Consult Now with Beingswasth Expert”

3. Fill in your contact details

4. Submit and Pay securely

That’s it. A Beingswasth expert will call you and help you through the consultation process.

You can pay securely online, through our payment system during the booking process.

Diet-related diseases which can be treated by dietitians is broad and ranges from the so-called affluence diseases such as obesity (morbid overweight, "obesity"), diabetes, high blood pressure and lipid metabolism disorders to chronic renal insufficiency and oncological (cancer) diseases.

Diet therapy is suitable for disease management and recovery for all types of patients. However particularly suitable for patients with chronic diseases such as arthrosis, diabetes mellitus or rheumatism, in addition patients with mental stress who have a disturbed eating behavior for emotional reasons.

Counseling by Dietitians at Beingswasth on topics such as sustainable weight loss or


What Our Patients Say

Drapashankar Sharma

Kolkata, India

“The dietitian at beingswasth was professional, knowledgeable, and helpful in assisting me with a personal and individualized, optimal nutrition plan. I appreciated her information, input and willingness to help educate me regarding a healthier diet plan.”

D.L. Gupta

Vijayawada, India

“Thank you beingswasth for putting me in touch with a dietitian caring, listening, problem solving and valuing my comments and concerns. Thank you”

Vinod Kumar Saxena

Jodhpur, India

I am very happy with my online interactions at beingswasth the results I have had. My quality of life has improved and I feel as if I am making informed dietary choices instead of guessing and having no way to improve my symptoms. I am more confident and less apprehensive about food.”

Vinod Badgaiya

Allahabad, India

“I am lucky to have a dietitian with such expertise online at beingswasth.”

Deepika Jain

Gandhi Nagar, India

“Dietitian at beingswasth was very knowledgeable and pleasant. She understood my situation. She gave me much information and I would recommend her and beingswasth to my family and friends.”