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How Psychotherapy Works

The mind can have a great influence on your body. You may feel sick but the doctors usually find no organic cause. This is a sign of mental illness.

Your holistic treatment begins with a detailed diagnosis. A psychotherapist will ask you questions and enter into a lengthy discussion to understand: What’s bothering you? Since when you’ve been suffering? What can help you to feel better?

All the questions and prescribed tests make your holistic and individual therapy plan possible. Together with you, the psychotherapist develops this plan during online sessions in Beingswasth. Your therapies are monitored regularly and adjusted if necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Ayurveda Treatments

Beingswasth offers the convenience of connecting with a PSYCHOLOGY practitioner from anywhere, even the comfort of your home through desktop or mobile. Payments are fully secured and online. Prescriptions will be delivered on email making it an effortless and seamless process.

1. Select the Treatment System.

2. Just click on the “Consult Now with Beingswasth Expert”

3. Fill in your contact details

4. Submit and Pay securely

That’s it. A Beingswasth expert will call you and help you through the consultation process.

You can pay securely online, through our payment system during the booking process.

During online sessions with a trained psychotherapist, almost all common mental illnesses can be treated. These include, but are not limited to: Depression, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorders, Burnout, Bullying etc.

Yes, a psychotherapist will keep whatever you say confidential in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards prescribed by Medico-Legal Authority.

The first session is a chance to get a sense of how the therapist works. They will probably ask you to talk more about what brings you to therapy and might have an assessment form which they fill in on your behalf. They might ask about the history of the issue you want to work on, your past and family, and what helps you cope.


What Our Patients Say

Abhay Kushwaha

Nashik, India

I have only had one video session at beingswasth, but so far the psychotherapist seems very knowledgeable and caring! I also love that she gives me assignments because it feels like she's trying to get to know me better.

Abhay Nath Shukla

Faridabad, India

Every psychotherapist I spoke to on beingswasth gives great advice on coping with anxiety and stress! The methods provided have been super helpful to me. If you're looking for help at calming you anxiety, I definitely recommend beingswasth!

Abhilasha Amravanshi

Varanasi, India

All the psychotherapists at beingswasth have been amazing! They listen, supports, connect with me online when I schedule, gives activities, and truly care about me!

Aditi sinha

Aurangabad, India

4. Though I’ve only had a few sessions online but getting better perspective of situations and got offered solutions and skills that have proven helpful thus far. I highly recommend beingswasth.

Ajay Kumar Gupta

Amritsar, India

Beingswasth has been exactly what I’ve needed to find help with my mental illness! I’m beyond grateful for the guidance and service.