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How Unani Treatment Works

Unani is based on the principle of the four ‘humours’ – blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. Unani also postulates that the body contains a self-preservative power, which strives to restore any disturbance within the limits prescribed by the constitution or state of the individual. The physician merely aims to help and develop rather than supersede or impede the action of this power.

Unani practitioner can treat any health complaints, but unani is particularly effective in treating chronic diseases, and anything that affects the liver and kidneys.

A Unani physician does not prescribe the strongest drug at the beginning of the treatment. He selects the drug according to the degree of variation from the normal healthy condition, and observes the effect produced by the treatment. At the same time, he/she instructs the patient to observe some restrictions in diet and lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Ayurveda Treatments

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Unani treatment is divided into four classes:
  1. Ilaj bil Ghiza (Diet therapy)

  2. Ilaj bil Tadbeer (Regimental Therapy)

  3. Ilaj bil dawa (Pharmacotherapy)

  4. Ilaj bil Yad (Surgery)
Although it is recommended to treat diseases first with the help of Diet and Regimental therapies. But an experienced Unani practitioner may apply that more than one therapies simultaneously depending on the nature and severity of the disease.

Unani medicine describes the concept of Tabiyat (Medicatrix naturae) as immunity of the body to prevent the body from the diseases and cure the diseases by eradicating the causing substances.

Unani Medicine is based on the Greece philosophy according to which, human body is made up of the four categories of elements i.e. Arz (Earth), Ma` (Water), Hawa (Air), and Naar (Fire) which have a particular Temperaments (Kaifiyat) i.e. Cold and Hot as active qualities and Wet and Dry as passive qualities. After mixing and interaction of four categories of elements a new compound having a new composition of the above said four qualities comes in existence. This new quality (Kaifiyat) is known as Temperament. Each and every material related to human health and disease, has been classified accordingly.


What Our Patients Say

Yashmita Gupta

Kolkata, India

I am very happy after online session at beingswasth because my 60 % problem has been shorted after conversation with the Unani Practitioner.

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Bhubaneswar, India

I found the answers and treatment provided by the Unani Practitioner at beingswasth to be helpful and caring. Thanks for your effort’s sir...

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Goa, India

I'm really satisfied with the initial session at beingswasth and hope to get the result.

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Chandigarh, India

Thank you beingswasth for introducing me to a Unani way of treatment near to nature.

Wali Ur Rehman

Aligarh, India

Very Good and Experienced Unani doctor I consulted with at beingswasth.. Got cured from my chronic migraine and some problems.