What you need to know about Yoga therapy?

“Yoga is union of the individual with the cosmos.”

Yoga is the ancient Indian science of healthy living that's been tested and perfected for centuries. Initially, started as a religious practice, is now trending as a means of healing the mind and body. The physical and mental yoga exercises are geared to accomplish self-healing and enlightenment. On the physical level, yoga (asanas), tone, strengthen, and align the human body building resilience, flexibility, with improved blood circulation. On a mental level, yoga breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation (Dyana) act to calm and discipline the mind. Yoga is a therapeutic way for a healthy body and peaceful mind to live together.

Yoga is very beneficial in disorders like diabetes, reproductive disorders, improves sleep, fatigue, increases energy and vitality, perfects your posture, headaches, anxiety, depression, asthma, hypertension, drains your lymph and boosts immunity, regulates your adrenal glands, joint mobility, and flexibility, prevents irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive problems, blood circulation and respiratory ailments.

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